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@DigitalValidity: Showcasing a MultiColored Validator Index using the Spectrum as a visual guideline unto which validators are effectively efficient

over the last thirty days. Providing a rudimentary XRP balance checker, account gravatar and QR code indicator, for inspecting an XRP account.

Currently we operate a single Validator in Proposing mode, down from three listed on the network beforehand. It`s our desire to achive (UNL) "Unique Node List"

status and true validation of consensus on the XRP-Ledger (and or it`s) Token`s transactions for the Ledger "Decentralizing the XRP-Ledger one Node at a time".

Currently riding a dedicated Gigabyte X570 AORUS MASTER AM4 ATX, AMD Ryzen 3950X cpu 100.44MHz, Processor Clock 3515.15MHz, (1) 1 Terrabit NVMe

Samsung 980 PRO drives, 1360K IOPS for reads, 1320K IOPS for writes 7100MB/s for reads, 5000MB/s for writes. 128MB 2400MHz Memory

Internet speeds of 600Mbps ie: 581.3Mbps download 16.3Mbps upload

CentOS 9 Stream

Independently operated, non profit entity, a private visulization perception ~~ Not affiliated with Ripple, Inc

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Decentralizing the XRP Ledger one node at a time.